29 March 2016

Week 2 Day 2

After a long day of budgeting with Mr. Preston, I was ready for some real work. Nothing against him or Excel, but nothing beats working on the car with the guys. But, to my pleasant surprise, Calvin had brought a friend into the shop today. Piddles the Chihuahua is probably the smallest and most adorable dog that has ever and will ever exist.
Piddles, the shop's mascot
Besides the excitement of a new face, we had a lot of work to do. Much of my day was spent calculating what gauge of wires we would need to go to every single component in the car from the hairball located in the glove box all the way to, say, the charger in the trunk. Below is a picture of Max hard at work under the dashboard of the car working with Calvin to wire some conduit through the dashboard, a tedious and difficult task.

Max in the zone
Tomorrow will be filled with even more work as we must do more part fabrication out of steel. While having everything in the car be custom can be fun, it is time consuming. By the end of A-term we hope to have a great deal done on the car.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Piddles gives all of you a big thumbs up!